Prize winning Premium Mango Chutney

Awarded a Gold Star for Great Taste 2013 – a delicious, spicy, fruity flavour, made from fresh mangoes.

Enjoy a taste of Sri Lanka

Introducing, two delicious curry kits. Medium-spiced yummy curries from my childhood, says Bhaji Man

Curry Kits - Let's Cook at Home

It's really simple to cook your curry from scratch with our curry kits

Gluten Free Curry Kits

All our curry kits are ideal for coeliacs. So what are you waiting for?

Healthy Option

Benefit from the health giving properties of herbs and spices in each curry spice kit.

Support Local

Buy local produce and 'cook at home' from scrarch. Locally produced food is fresher, tastes better, lasts longer and supports local businesses.

The Bhaji Man Curry Kit Range

The best way to cook at home for authentic tasting curries

Premium Mango Chutney
Hot Deal

See how easy it is to make a great curry simply, using one of our curry kits

In each curry kit we have combined our knowledge and experience with the finest quality ingredients to create a fast, simple and economical approach to cooking curries at home.

We believe the every curry kit should be big on taste but simple on ingredients and now you can create a memorable, authentic curry with Bhaji Man's Curry Kits and Spice Kits.

Using our Curry Kits you too can share the Bhaji Man passion for memorable food without the fuss, order a curry kit today.

Cannot find the right curry kit or think we should add another curry kit to the range? Please get in touch with us and we will help you find the right curry kit.

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