Chef Endorsements

"What professional chefs say" - These are genuine comments made by professional chefs they are not sponsored or paid for.

Anton Edelmann was maitre chef des cuisines at the Savoy for 21 years and has made numerous appearances on TV, including Masterchef and Hot Chef on the BBC.

Anton says – "I think it's great - it's a very good idea. There is a big difference in taste between this and curry sauces; it's a much cleaner taste, there is less fat and no preservatives. I am delighted to recommend them."

Nick Barrett, who runs the popular fine dining bistro-style Scutchers Restaurant in Long Melford, Suffolk, is a great fan of the easy-to-cook kits.

Nick says – “As nibbles before dining, you might - at Scutchers - expect the likes of quails eggs, angels on horseback or a bowl of succulent mixed olives but, in recent times, you’ll have found bite-sized Onion Bhaji or Cauliflower Pakora to whet the appetite.”

Frenchman Franck Pontais worked at Harrods and Selfridges, has appeared on Ready Steady Cook and on Channel 4's Iron Chef UK.

Franck says – "I have tried it myself and I think it's very handy to use, especially the onion bhaji mix. I use it with my wife and we have the bhajis with an aperitif in the evening before dinner. It is so very, very easy to use, it's brilliant, the taste is great - it's full of flavour. "The main things is it's easy to do and you can share it and have it ready in five minutes."

Richard Hughes was a semifinalist in the National Chef of the Year 2006, and again in 2008. He runs the Lavender House Restaurant in Brundell, Norfolk.

Richard says – "The Bhaji Man products are much more authentic than supermarket curry sauces and they're very simple to use. The key is that if you cook your own curry using the kits you're much more in control of what you're eating and can use fresh local ingredients. "Apart from anything else, it tastes better, should be cheaper and it's all about eating seasonally and locally with a dash of the exotic."

Shirley Goode made her name on the BBC TV series the Goode Kitchen, and has written four books and numerous articles. She also had a regular slot on BBC Radio Leeds. Now she is back with a blog, Taste the Goode Life.

"After giving a buffet party where a whole pile of freshly made onion bhajis was eaten in the blink of an eye and everyone (yes EVERYONE) said they were the best they had ever tasted, I have Bhaji Man to thank for this. His bhaji mix is a doddle to use, and any preparation can be done an hour or so ahead, so it's just a matter of frying and plating up. Onion bhajis are perfect served with curries, and as a snack. When served at buffets you will need to make a LOT for they will be the first to go. This Bhaji Man Mix is always worth having in your store cupboard. Why not keep several packs? I do."

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