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The Curry Kit King - Bhaji ManDon Lear is 'The Bhaji Man'. A successful Norfolk-based, businessman, Don has drawn on his personal passion for cooking to produce culinary products which allow even the most inexperienced cook to serve great tasting authentic Eastern home-made dishes.

When Sri Lankan-born Don arrived in England as a young man, he had just £7 in his pocket. The cricket-mad youngster started at the bottom in the motor trade and worked his way up to owning several successful and award-winning East Anglian car dealerships.

Don became a member of the MCC and his business success enabled him to offer financial sponsorship to his beloved sport, including setting up Kwik Cricket in schools and funding some of the Norfolk Youth Development Cricket Programme. His active involvement in youth development for disabled children and those with special needs led to him being invited to become a Lord's Taverner.

Always a great food lover, when he stepped down from his dealership businesses he found he was spending more time developing his love of Indian cooking and often invited all the neighbours round to try out his dishes. Tasty onion bhajis were a favourite with his guests and Don soon became known as 'The Bhaji Man'.

As he perfected his recipes, he hit on the idea of Bhaji Man mixes - carefully pre-prepared products made from the finest quality, freshest ingredients which take only minutes to prepare. Even though retired, with another business opportunity on his hands Don was tempted back to work and he decided to set up Bhaji Man Easy Mixes to help fund his grandsons' pre-school and sporting activities.

About our products

The Curry Kit King - Bhaji Man

Good Eastern cuisine can seem a mystery because it requires knowledge of a variety of spices and skills and it can be time-consuming and complex to create with many ingredients and a long process of cutting, chopping, grinding, mixing and frying.

However, Bhaji Man’s Easy Mixes enable even the busiest of people to cook fresh, authentic, delicious Indian snacks at any time. Specially selected spices have been hand blended with gram flour, which when added to onions or vegetables, creates a superb Eastern treat.

Easy to prepare, both the Bhaji Mix and the Vegetable Pakora tempura batter mix can be made in minutes – simply add water and chopped onions or sliced vegetables - and served hot and fresh as a light lunch or with dips for a perfect appetizer. Alternatively, serve these moreish little snacks at a party, a romantic meal for two or a BBQ - the magic taste of the Easy Mix will add spice to any occasion!

Bhaji Man Easy Mixes are Gluten Free and suitable for Coeliacs. They have no artificial colours or added flavours and no artificial preservatives or added salt. The Veg Pakora mix is also suitable for vegetarians.

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